Shaping a 21st-century solution to fit an architectural achievement of the 50’s

The modern world has seen lots tremendous improvement especially technology wise and the internet. It has enabled architects to build structures that define the modern existence allowing people to come together and have more fun. In this article, however, we review some of the modern constructions that have being remodelled courtesy of the 50’s architecture.

Cambridge high school stage

Cambridge high school stage

In 2012, this prestigious institution was experiencing some staging problem. They sought help from an expert who was to provide a versatile and flexible remedy. The stage was one of the remarkable achievement of the vintage building brought up in the last century. Continue reading

5 steps to excellent customer service

excellent customer serviceThere is no business without customers, and this is why they need to be handled with utmost care. To highly competitive business this is one component that makes certain business stand out and make better returns than others. The way you treat your customers will keep them coming back. Need your business to succeed? Here is how to offer the best customer service. Continue reading