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The Topdeck System
The simple premise of the Topdeck Modular Stage System is that it comprises of just two variable sized components - the deck and the legs. With the advantage of the Chunky easy to grip knobs, which allow quick and effortless assembly (for extra security a single Allun key can be used) plus the high quality Aluminium frame and Birch Ply decking all go towards making the Topdeck system one of the very few staging systems available that has been designed, tested and proven to carry loadings of up to 7.5K newtons. The Topdeck frame has been specially designed to allow a number of accessories to be attached as well as providing a smooth ridge free joint between decks.

The standard modules are 2 x 1 metre and 1 x 1 metre, rated at 5K newtons per square metre. This size is easy to handle and store, however any practical size or shape of deck is possible. Legs too come in a wide range of lengths, and for heavier duty or taller decking solutions, braced legs can also be provided.

The Aluminium frame and finest quality Birch Ply decking eliminates the problem of rusting, so it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The alloy frame construction also make it the lightest system in it's class, ideal for touring and temporary installations.

Topdeck's versatility is ideal if you are accommodating a choir, orchestra or an audience. Whether you are providing a demountable stage, extending an existing stage or providing temporary seating. Should you have a location where it is necessary to span an existing obstacle, such as flights of stairs, the leg heights with a single deck can be varied as required. It may be necessary to brace the legs in certain situations and at certain height, but our design department will advise you should this be required. Topdeck also comes with a great many accessories including hand rails and steps, as well as storage solutions such as leg boxes, deck trolleys etc.

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